The best Poker books describing the games’ rules and strategies

Best Poker books for beginners and professionals

The best Poker books are great for real enthusiasts and people who want to make a living from playing offline or online Poker. Even if a person deals with this game occasionally, he will benefit from classics such as Super System or The Theory of Poker as well as from the best books on Poker, new works that are primarily dedicated to online gambling, such as Dusty Schmidt’s Treat Your Poker Like a Business. There is also a large selection of Poker literature for absolute beginners, with The Poker School by Jan Meinert being the most recommended.

The best Poker books for online and offline gamblers

There are over 160 well-known best cash game Poker books that can be found on the Internet and in stores. They include:

  • The best Poker books devoted to Texas Hold’em;
  • The literature on strategies;
  • Poker encyclopedias;
  • Stuff about rarely played card game variants, etc.

The Harrington on Hold’em Volume 1 by Dan Harrington is often called the coolest book for newbies and skilled gamblers.

The Harrington on Hold’em

These books series are addressed for Hold’em tournament players and cash game gamers, and it is undoubtedly a must-read. The former WSOP winner Dan Harrington wrote it with the support of Bill Robertie, a two-time Backgammon World Champion.

Super System by Doyle Brunson

It is a real classic of the best Poker strategy books — the work written in the 1970s spans over 600 pages and provides insight into the strategies and tricks of one of the coolest Poker Players of all time. Even if some of the game variants described here are no longer up to date, many considerations are timeless and can also be used even online.

Treat Your Poker Like a Business by Dusty Schmidt

The author is an online Poker pro who has made millions while gambling. In this book, he describes how a game became his profession and offers a great guide for everyone who wants to emulate him. It is essential reading for every ambitious gamer.

The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky

the theory of poker

It is not only another classic in the literature about cards but also one of the most cited works in his genre. Although the book was published in the 1980s, it continues to set the standard in the game strategy and theory.

Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen

Here, the author, one of the most successful live card players of all time, describes his path to winning the Aussie Millions title. Every single hand that Hansen played in this tournament is analyzed, decrypted and evaluated by himself. This is a great guide from which one can learn a lot.

If a person is an ambitious player looking for ways to take his skills to the next level, a good book on Poker is often the best solution. Each moment described and explained there will give a reader a deep insight into the mindset of successful poker professionals and help him make the right decisions.

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