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Poker is not a complex game to learn but reaching perfection by playing it may take many years. It also depends on what type of game is played as there are dozens of poker types that can be found on the market. The question of how to win at poker every time is depended on players’ skills as well as the skill of the opponents but learning the game’s basics and implementing a winning approach can guarantee at least half of success.

The best strategies that will enable the player to win at all times

One of the best strategies that ensure winning in poker is to make odds calculations by taking into account the number of cards that are gone and determining what is the probability of getting the right cards that will ensure the construction of the desired hand. This is the best card fundamental strategy of how to win at poker that can be used in poker and it is applicable to any poker type. Here are the principles:

  • Be aware of the number of cards remaining in the deck (e.g. 52 cards);
  • Monitor haw many cards are gone (e.g. 9 cards);
  • Be aware of how many cards in the player’s hand (e.g. 2cards);
  • How many cards are turned and flopped (e.g. 4 cards):
  • So, 46 out of 52 cards are left for calculations;
  • Let’s say there are 9 winning cards out of 46;
  • 36 cards will make the player lose the game;
  • The chances are 37-9 or more simply 4:1;
  • It gives the player a 20% chance of winning;
  • Assuming that USD 90.00 is in the bank and the other player bets USD 10.00;
  • 10+90=100. The question is whether to match the other player’s bets?;
  • If so, by matching the other player’s bet USD 10.00 will have profited from every USD 1.00 at stake or 10:1;
  • The odds of matching the wager is 10:1 and the real chances are 4:1;

This example perfectly illustrates how to win at casino poker. With real chances 4:1 being greater than the odds of matching the opponent’s bet 10:1, it is crucial to go for it. The same winning strategy applies to any other poker game and has to be adjusted to the rules. Special apps can also be used to make calculations.

Poker basic rules

There are lots of poker variations but the basic rules stay the same. Players need to learn poker hands before starting to play any game:

  1. Royal flush: features 5 cards with the same suite that are consecutively ranked from 10, J, Q, K, A;
  2. Straight flush: 5 consecutively graded cards, which have the same suite;
  3. Four of a kind: 4 cards, which have the same rank;
  4. Full house: 3 and 2 cards, which have the same grade;
  5. Flush: 5 cards with the same suite;
  6. Straight: any 5 cards with the same grade;
  7. Three of a kind: 3 cards that have the same grade;
  8. Two pairs: 2+2 cards that have the same grade;
  9. One pair: 1 pair of cards with the same grade;
  10. High card: 5 cards are unmatched and the highest one is counted.

When hands are learned, how to win at poker is depended on the time of reaching the perfection of applying specific poker type rules. It differs in the number of cards given, betting rounds, sequences, and other aspects.

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