How to play Craps online

how to play craps game

Many beginning players are almost sure that to remember how to play Craps game is a true challenge. The truth is that they are right in a way. Basic Craps rules are not clear, especially for those, who often play simple and exciting slots and easy card games like Blackjack. Newbies refuse even to try this game as soon as they see Craps table with “strange” marks like “Come, “Pass”, “Come”, “Don’t Come”, “Don’t Pass”, etc. However, those who practice this dice game, soon relax, and even start working out their own Craps strategy.

How to play Craps: rules and strategies importance

Most people who have spent time studying the richness of online gambling agree that many sites publish “Craps how to play” information and Craps rules. When learning this stuff, they want to understand the good strategy behind this game. To do it, the gambler is recommended to try different bets and see which of them “works” better.

For instance, the bet, known as “laying odds”, can only be done if a player learning how to play Craps started by betting on the Pass line. Once a point has been discarded, the gambler has the option of betting up to a multiple of his “odds” Pass line bet. By placing this bet, a casino player can hope that the point will come out again before 7 appears. The interesting part is that if this happens one can win more than his stake.

Taking a double probability on “Do not Pass” lowers the house advantage to less than 0.5%.

how to play craps

If the point is 4 or 10 with this bet, the player will have to establish 1 chance against 2. This means that he will have to risk $ 2 for every $ 1 he wants to win, so that if he wants to win $ 10 more on his “Don’t go” bet to $ 5, he will need to place $ 20.

Bet on “Don’t Pass”

If a player learning how to play Craps is looking for a Craps strategy that gives him the best chance of winning, then he should consider the “Don’t Pass” bet. It’s a fairly low-key bet on the Craps table opposite the Pass line, but it is the one with the best odds. The Don’t Pass bet is the reverse of the Pass bet. One can win on a 2 or 3 and lose on a 7 or 11 (12 is a tie, so the casino can keep a slight edge).

This name comes from the fact that if a player bets on Don’s Pass, he wins when everyone loses and vice versa. So it’s kind of “a player against everyone else,” and that’s why this bet often seems more acceptable when playing Craps online. And then the house advantage here is only 1.36%, which is rather good news.

Don’t Come and Come

The Come or Don’t Come bet is the same as the Pass or Don’t Pass, except the fact that the gambler cannot use it in the first round. There are simply more bets on Pass or Don’t Pass than there are during a round of dice. These bets are won or lost according to the same Craps rules.

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