Eastern Poker Tour: take part in the league games and explore the history

Eastern Poker Tour – US Prestigious League

Since 2005, the Eastern Poker Tour has rightfully been considered the most profitable League of Poker games in all of America, which eloquently confirms the huge cash prize won by players in the amount of $ 2 million in cash and other valuable prizes in 2016. Therefore, many are eager to take part in numerous nightly tournaments, so that, with a successful result, they are guaranteed to become a participant in the grand championship with a buy-in of $ 36,000, as well as become the lucky winner of the annual prizes of $ 400,000 that are played every year with the Bar Poker Open. The organizers in every way attract the attention of players, up to monthly payments of $ 5000 to the most successful of them.

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In 2020, Eastern Poker Tour schedule includes 7 main areas where interesting Poker events will be held every day. The Central Mass Tour will be held in Hopedale and Milford, Massachusetts, the Framingham Tour is expected in Marlborough, Natick and Framingham, the Greater Lowell Tour will delight residents of Tyngsboro, North Chelmsford, Lowell, Tewkesbury and Wakefield, and the North Shore Tour can be watched in Winchester. Roy Island, South Coast and South Massachusetts tours will also take place. Or you can take analog online place – casino online games real money.

Intro to Eastern Poker Tour

It’s no secret that every day the hospitable local bars of the above cities host a huge number of Poker players, where they are offered interesting real-money tournaments that open the way for many to participate in the main WSOP event with the most popular players in the world. Thus, the Eastern Poker Tour successfully advances the concept of a free poker pub to a level that provides exciting nightly prizes, an attractive official online site, as well as flawless broadcasting of events on local channels. Here is the structure of the tournaments held here:

  • Satellite tournaments at one table, which are usually held before the start of major events. Here for a small fee, a person gets the opportunity to break through to participate in the World Series of Poker;
  • Multi-table tournaments are considered the main event of the evening and gathers from 80 to 150 players who fight for 70% of payments until 10% of the worthiest of them remain;
  • The best game and a larger number of chips are provided by the Blind structure, for which a 5-hour tournament period is allotted;
  • A large number of players have a great opportunity to participate in live Poker, which can be tried on the official Eastern Poker Tour website. It is also allowed to register for the popular championship.

As you can see, there are many great ways to experience the unforgettable holiday of risk-free tournaments, win great prizes and get a chance to participate in the main event of the $ 10,000 World Series of Poker.

How to become a participant in the tournament and how it goes?

In order to take an active part in all the tournaments provided, players just need to attend any of the events. It is also worth paying attention to the Eastern Poker Tour Facebook, where a large amount of necessary information is available to a person, games and communication with other players are provided. And here are the rules of the house, according to which the competition takes place:

  1. The terminology of this tournament poker sounds only in English and fully complies with generally accepted standards.
  2. In flop games, the final table will consist of 10 players. In games with six participants there will already be 7 players. There are 9 players remaining in stud games. In a seven-handed tournament, the final table will consist of 8 players.
  3. There are fines and penalties for flagrant violation of the rules of the game.

More details about the tournament rules can be found on the official EPT website.

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